Ancient History of Vietnam, Indonesia Rival in 2019 SEA Games Football – Imperium Daily

MALANG-Indonesian soccer lovers were tense in the final match between Indonesia vs Vietnam at the Philippine Sea Games 2019 Tuesday night (10/12). Vietnam’s Struggle It seems very convincing and able to bulldoze Indonesia with a score of 3-0. It seems like the Vietnamese courtiers are used to the struggle. Understandably, this State has a history of struggle.

Vietnam was formed through a long and winding process. Vietnam received support from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) which was then led by Mao Tse Tung. The formation of the Vietnamese state was inseparable from the role of the Vet Minh forces which gathered power in 1949.

As reported by in 179 BC until 938 AD, Vietnam was under the rule of the Chinese kings. Only in 938, under the leadership of Ngo Quyen, at Bach Dang, successfully defeated the Chinese army, which was the end of the occupation of the Chinese Dynasty.

After that, the Vietnam Monarchy was under the Government of the Ngo Dynasty (938 – 969), Dinli Dynasty (969 – 979), Le Dynasty (980 – 1009), Ly Dynasty (1010-1225), Tran Dynasty (1224 – 1400), Dynasty Ho (1401 – 1406). In the period 1407 – 1427, Vietnam was again ruled by the Dynasty of China, namely: Ming Dynasty. Vietnam was again ruled by the Vietnam Monarchy, namely the Le Dynasty (1428 – 1527).

In 1527 the Le Dynasty fell and was replaced by the Mac Dynasty (1527 – 1592), however, since then there have been many anti-Mac dynasty resistance that led to the divided Vietnamese state and civil war, namely the Le-Mac War (1543-1592), War Trinh-Nguyen (1627 -1672), where the country was divided into 2 (two), namely: Dang Ngoai (north) with King Trinh and Dang Trong (South) with King Nguyen who founded the capital at Phu Xuan (now Hue).

The Tay Son Movement (Peasant Movement in 1771) succeeded in bringing down King Nguyen and King Trinh and uniting a divided nation for more than 200 years. In 1802, the Tay Son Dynasty was defeated by the Nguyen Anh Dynasty (1802-1945) who gave the country a new name as Dai Nam with its capital Hue.(aka)