Action to Reduce Billboards Unilaterally, Garbi Call Depok City Government Silence Residents’ Aspirations

DEPOK – Decreased billboards that read “Bored the Old? Replace the New “reap polemic in the community. The reason is, the billboard illustrated by the Chairman of the Depok Indonesia New Direction (Garbi), Bayu Adi Permana was unilaterally and arbitrarily handed down by the Depok city government.

Depok City Garbi Spokesman, Bramastyo Bontas assessed that the reduction of Garbi billboards on Jalan Margonda Raya, Depok, is a form of silencing and clogging community aspirations. According to him, the unilateral effort of the Depok City Government could not be tolerated, even contradicting one of the taglines carried by the city government, which is a city that is ‘comfortable’.

Depok City Garbi Billboards are arbitrarily handed down by Depok City Government.
“Instead of giving a ‘comfortable’ feeling, the billboard illustrated by the Chairman of the Depok Garbi, Bayu Adi Permana was revealed on the grounds of giving a ‘uncomfortable’ feeling in the democratic climate in Depok. In fact, the installation of billboards is in accordance with all applicable rules and procedures in the city of Depok, “said Bramastyo when the reporter confirmed, Thursday, December 5, 2019.

Furthermore, Bramastyo described the contents of a billboard with the picture of Bayu Adi Permana which has been installed since Tuesday (3/12) on Jalan Margonda, Depok City. According to him, the billboard contains the aspirations of residents related to various problems that occur in the City of Depok, and has been ‘sensor passed censorship’ by all the authorities in the city.

“Billboards only contain the words poverty, congestion, service, minimum wage, health and education, plus the tagline” Bored the Old? Change New ’. What is wrong with these aspirations? All procedures have been fulfilled, ‘passed the censorship’, how come it was unilaterally passed down, without information, “he stressed.

Regarding the follow-up of the billboard drop, Bramastyo was reluctant to talk long. At present, he said, Depok City Garbi is still conducting legal studies related to the silencing of freedom of opinion and administrative violations committed by the Depok City Government.

“The next step is still being discussed. To be sure, we have legal evidence and have fulfilled legal procedures related to the installation of these billboards, “he added.

Confirmed separately, Depok City Garbi Chairperson Bayu Adi Permana said the billboard was his attempt to capture and fight for the aspirations of the people in Depok. He emphasized that the billboard had no connection with the 2020 Regional Head Election, and violated any regulation.

“If it is considered to violate the rules, the billboards cannot be installed. If it is associated with the elections, now is not a campaign period. If we look closely at the contents, I only convey aspirations as a citizen of Depok, revealing the problems of poverty, congestion, health and education in the city of Depok. This is not just the responsibility of the Mayor (Depok), we must solve this problem together, “said Bayu.(dan)

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